MuscleMUSCLE!!! – ITS ALL ABOUT RESULTS! Add 1/2-oz to drinking water. Makes drinking water perfect. Bounce back faster from racing & training. Builds oxygen, reduces toxins.


    SubsideSUBSIDE TAKE THE PAIN FREE RIDE stops the lame excuses and kills pain instantly!!! All Natural, No Chemicals, just positively good results. Effective, affordable, and it tastes good.


Tune-UpTUNE UP – Increases red cell count for greater oxygen supply, carries away lactic acid and carbon dioxide, stops tying up, stores energy for release during high performance exercise, decreases muscle soreness, increases appetite.


Bleeding PowerBLEEDING POWDER- THE ORIGINAL CHINESE HERB– Does Your Horse Have Bleeding Problems? Don’t Give Up! Proven Herbal Supplement. Stops Bleeding Immediately!!!


untieUNTIE– All natural ingredients, contains no drugs. Prevents tie up in horses, increases oxygen levels in the blood, effectively treats contracted tendons, epiphysitis and other inflammatory or arthritic conditions. Proven results!


Valley forageNew Valley Forage gut protector. All natural, no drugs!



Chinese Pain Killer* CHINESE PAIN KILLER– NEW and 100% guaranteed. All-Natural. Tienchi Ginseng powder goes on feed, and it works almost instantly, within one hour.


ABR* ABR – Buy the best you can buy! Solves problems posed by allergies & bleeding in the respiratory tract NATURALLY! Can be used right up to race day.