Nutrient Buffer


The Inside Track to Digestive Health.

Drug Free

Veterinarian Approved

Patented & Time Tested

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Buffer the Stomach, Nutritionally

Nutrient Buffer® is versatile enough to be used daily for horses in every walk of life. With drugs like H₂ Blockers and Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs), the body can build a tolerance and require higher dosages over time, while Nutrient Buffer® works the same all the time, every time – with the added benefit of helping resolve colic situations when you need it the most.

Patented and Time Tested

Nutrient Buffer® works to restore natural stomach function in the face of inadequate diet, stress, environmental factors, and even ulcers. Nutrient Buffer® will help you avoid the common side effects of H2 inhibition drug therapy that are listed in the Physicians Desk Reference.

The Modern Alternative

  • No aluminum, bismuth or other heavy metals
  • No mineral forms with high solubility
  • Oil suspension protects against over buffering and provides a superior time-release effect
  • Zero unwanted side effects, unlike H2 inhibitor drug therapies and other drugs
  • A pure and natural source of Magnesium, Zinc, and Calcium

Nutrient Buffer

Nutrient Buffer



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