Caring for Your Horse- Mistakes to Avoid

In case you haven’t looked outside lately, winter is officially here, at least on our side of town! When we get chilly during the winter months we like to turn up the heat and get cozy under some nice, warm blankets but that’s not always the best strategy to use when caring for your horse. […]

Delta Downs Jackpot Prep Race For 2014 Kentucky Derby

Saturday Nov. 23rd 2013, lead the Delta Downs Jackpot Race in Louisiana. With the Kentucky Derby being an official sponsor of the race, horse race enthusiast are getting prepped for upcoming 2013-2014 “Road to the Kentucky Derby” series. Rise Up, did just that this past Saturday leading wire to wire for a six-length decision in […]

How To Help Horse Joint Pain In The Cold Winter Season

The leaves have just begun to fall, there’s a chill so we bring our jackets out, but what do we do when we feel that pain? We are familiar with human joint pains in the winter, the cold air and changes in air pressure causing our joints to ache. Our horses are the same way, except horses […]

All Natural Performance Boosting Horse Supplements

As the weather begins to cool, horses experience the same type of challenges as many humans. Joints begin to stiffen, and respiratory problems begin to kick in. Providing proper care to your horse can help naturally relieve your horse bounce back and all them to be at their finest. To help with the stiffening of […]

Keep Your Horse Healthy During the Off Season

A horses health is just as important during the off season as it is during racing season.  Horses need proper vitamins or supplements all year long to maintain superior health. Although your horse may not be pushing as hard as they would during a race, training is still vigorous on a horses body. Ensuring proper […]