Epiphysitis in Horses

If your horse is experiencing joint pain, swelling, or is unable to stand, chances are your horse is suffering from Epiphysitis, also known as physitis. Epiphysitis is a bone disease mainly found in young or growing horses whose growth plates within their longer bones are enlarged. Commonly affected bones include cannon, radius, or tibia bones in horses between four and eight months, sometimes even affecting horses up to two years of age. Horses that are on higher calorie diets or are overweight are at a greater risk of developing Epiphysitishorse-leg.

If your horse has developed Epiphysitis, you may notice that your horse seems lame or sore. But, there are all natural supplements that can help your horse recover from the distress of Epiphysitis. Abbey Road’s Untie is used very regularly by equestrians in various locations such as Dubai, Spain, France, or Russia.

Untie is an all natural horse supplement containing no steroids, meaning it can be used before, during, and after race day. Taking only 3 days to see results, Abbey Road gives horse owners a 100% guarantee that this all natural horse vitamin will treat Epiphysitis in your horse. The goal of Untie is to loosen your horse’s muscles and allow them to take longer strides while running.

This horse joint supplement has no need to be injected into your horse, as it is a finely ground powder in which you mix with horse feed or water. Many racers stand by the combination of Untie and Wild Forage, creating a natural pre-race enhancement. Once again, because all of Abbey Road’s products contain no steroids it is completely safe to use on or before race day.

Just one order of Untie will keep one horse’s joints pain free and healthy for 7 months! For the first seven days, you will want to give your horse 5 scoops of Untie each day, dropping to two scoops every day after.  You will notice a positive change in your horse’s mobility and comfort in just three days, which will sustain throughout the use of Untie.

Abbey Road Presents offers quantity discounts to those looking to purchase Untie in bulk. For more information about Untie, or for information on ordering contact Joey at 248-521-2221, and we will get Untie shipped you right away!