After a long hard day at the track whether racing or training, horses tend to be tired, their muscles begin to ache, and they need time to rest and bounce back. Abbey Road Presents offers horse owners a product called Muscle.

Muscle is an all natural product designed to decrease bounce back time in horses, while gaining muscle. Simply changing your horse’s water twice a day with ½ cap of Muscle in each will allow your horse to recover from fatigue either from a tough race or simply that of hot weather.

Because a small amount of this product will go a long way, muscle-lgjust one quart of Muscle will last two months for one horse. Muscle has been tested producing outstanding results, making it in demand for horse’s racing all around the world. Horse owners from Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Europe, and right here in the United States swear by Abbey Road’s all-natural bounce back supplement: Muscle.

Stop putting harmful chemicals, or injecting steroids into innocent horses. Abbey Road has all- natural supplements for whatever your horse may need,which do not require any type of syringe or injection. Products are simply added to feed or water.

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