Race Horse Bleeding

Are you familiar with race horse bleeding? After your horse performed at their best on race day, did you notice a nose bleed from your horse? If so this may be a sign of race horse bleeding.
Race horse bleeding is a pulmonary hemorrhage which is exercise induced. Abbey Road Present’s offers all natural products that can help with race horse bleeding, or bleeding caused from a variety of sources. Yunnan Baiyao Powder has been used by equestrians for many years, as it is 100% safe and natural for your horse.

The use of Yunnan Baiyao Powder began in countries in Asia, where it is looked at as the “miracle drug” for horses. It has been proven to create exceptional results for a horse’s hemorrhages, wounds, or pain. Common uses for Yunnan Baiyao Powder include:

Internal Uses

  • Sore or swollen throatyunnan
  • Persistent stomachache, bleeding & gastric ulcers
  • Amenorrhea, non-regular menstruation, bleeding of uterus, leucorrhoea, post partum blood stasis
  • Bronchitis, Pneumonia, bronchiectasia, or tuberculosis induced
  • Nosebleeds
  • Blood in stool or urine
  • Hemangiosarcoma, bleeding tumors, or nasal tumors

External Uses

  • Any open, bleeding wound

Using Yunnan Paiyao to treat any of the above problems in a horse is easy. For external usage, simply apply the powder to the open wound. If necessary, apply butterfly bandages to increase healing rate. For internal usage, mix .25 or .5 grams with water, and feed to your horse with a plastic syringe used for orally taking medication.

Because this product is all natural and contains no type of steroid, Yunnan Baiyao Powder can be used the same day of a race, or after surgery. Abbey Road guarantees results to equestrians across the world with all of their products. Many who use Yunann Baiyao Powder have also purchased other all natural products such as, Untie, Wild Forage, or ABR.

For more information on ordering, pricing, or any questions about Yunnan Baiyao Powder, or other products, contact us today. We will let you know which of our all natrual horse supplements are right for your horse’s condition.