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Delta Downs Jackpot Prep Race For 2014 Kentucky Derby

Saturday Nov. 23rd 2013, lead the Delta Downs Jackpot Race in Louisiana. With the Kentucky Derby being an official sponsor of the race, horse race enthusiast are getting prepped for upcoming 2013-2014 “Road to the Kentucky Derby” series.

Rise Up, did just that this past Saturday leading wire to wire for a six-length decision in Grade 3, $1,000,000 race. Rise Up had a commanding advantage coming into the stretch drive.

With so many horse races going on year round and in the near future, at one of our favorite tracks Woodbine it is important that your horses see the best nutrients for whatever shape your trying to get your horse in. Standardbred Racing Post Times will be all through the rest of December at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto Canada.

Whether you are just trying to keep your stable horse healthy through the winter, or if your trying to get your horse naturally on track to compete contact Abby Roads to get more info on how their natural horse medicine can help your race horse today. Abbey Roads caters to horse owners all around the U.S. and Canada with recommendations from racetracks in Chicago like the Arlington Racetrack and Balmoral Park Racetrack and the Northlands Park Track along with Woodbine in Canada. Check out the horse vitamins and all natural horse supplements Abbey Roads offers today.

How To Help Horse Joint Pain In The Cold Winter Season

The leaves have just begun to fall, there’s a chill so we bring our jackets out, but what do we do when we feel that pain? We are familiar with human joint pains in the winter, the cold air and changes in air pressure causing our joints to ache. Our horses are the same way, except horses have much more trouble handling the cold winter months in places all over the world from Canada and Chicago to Russia and France. Horses can be stopped from doing the easiest things, especially elderly horses in freezing weather with snow and frozen footing. Horses have trouble staying warm, holding their weight and moving around in the winter, there are few important things you can do for your horse along with giving your horses our all natural horse supplements.

1. Warmth From Feeding

When a horse eats a meal, their digestive track starts to work and generate heat in their body. When a horse eats hay also known as Forage it digests more slowly than grain because of its longer metabolizing and produces more heat in the horse. Doctors of Veterinary medicine recommends feeding horse hay and lots of it from the fact it will go a long way keeping the horse warm at any age. And that if older horses do not eat enough they can suffer from weight loss in the winter and lose the layers that are keeping them warm, then the horse uses more energy to stay warm and can cause them to lose more weight and become thinner. How to feed older horses in the winter.

2. Warmth from Blanketing

If a young horse has shelter, is maintaining their weight, eating and healthy they most likely do not need to be blanketed for health. But older horses and young horses that have health conditions should be blanketed when temperatures drop below 40 degrees. They may have less muscle mass and fat to insulate them. When a horse is cold it can become stressed, thin and weak while its body tries to keep in the warm temperature. So keep your horse warm and healthy ready to race for the next season or maintain its health after a life of horse racing.

It is important to keep your horses healthy in the winter and prepared for the summer racing season. Abbey Roads All Natural Horse Supplements and products can help your horses during the winter and summer months. Getting your horses prepared, healthy and healed if injured it is imperative to their performance. Our all natural horse products help horses all over the country and at racetracks like Woodbine in Canada and Arlington Racetrack in Chicago, Illinois. Keep your horses healthy this coming winter season and contact us for any questions on our products at 248-521-2221 and LIKE US on FB for information and specials.



Saratoga Traverse Festival Is Almost Here

Saratoga racing has started but not yet near the end. As the races in Saratoga Springs, NY continue from the start in late July, traditions live on through Labor day. Travelers, horse race fans, and many friends and family of this prestige race course gather for numerous events and celebration of the young horses that will race at Saratoga this year.

There are many aspects of the race and this time of year but something else is just as important. The horse trainers, owners and family’s must also focus on the health of the race horse.

The 144th Traverse Stakes at Saratoga Race Course was designed for only extraordinary three-year-old thoroughbred horses. That’s why our performance driven horse supplements are a perfect breeders choice. Our horse supplements are ALL NATURAL, they contain no chemicals. For a race like this our horse vitamins and all natural horse products are essential for these thoroughbred horses.

The races go on and the prestige summer events at the Saratoga Race Course get more entertaining, from Family Friday’s, different themed festivals, holidays and contests. In the midst of the entertainment, the trainers still have a number one concern and that is their horses health.

Whether your looking for a natural horse supplement now or after the big race day to replenish, repair and heal your horse Abbey Road Products are all natural horse products. From Chinese pain killers to bleeding powder and all natural horse supplements to increase oxygen for your horse. Contact us for more information on all our products and which horse supplements will suit your horses needs.

Abbey Road Presents Welcomes You!

First off, we would like to welcome you to our new site. We are pleased to announce that we have developed this website making it much easier for our customers to browse our all natural supplements before placing an order. Whether you are looking for gut protectors, bleeding horsepowders, or even pain killers, Abbey Road Presents has the best all natural supplements for your horse.

When it comes to horse racing, a healthy horse is a successful horse. Many racers will pump horses full of steroids or other supplements to get that one good race. Abbey Road Presents has been trusted for over 30 years, providing horses with all natural supplements, consisting of ingredients that they would eat in nature. All natural supplements for your horse are a superior option to harsh chemically induced steroids.

For more information on supplements for your horse, please browse our online catalog. Same day shipping is available on all orders, as well as quantity discounts. Call Joey today to make your horse a healthy horse! 1(248)521-2221