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Keep Your Horse Healthy During the Off Season

A horses health is just as important during the off season as it is during racing season.  Horses need proper vitamins or supplements all year long to maintain superior health. Although your horse may not be pushing as hard as they would during a race, training is still vigorous on a horses body. Ensuring proper care for your horse with the proper products is necessary.

Bounce back time after training can take a horse nearly the same amount of time as it would after their hardest fought race. Products such as Muscle will reduce bounce back time and help your horse naturally build muscle after training. Because our products are not steroids, there is no need to stop giving your horse Muscle even when race day once again approaches.

Along with bounce back time and the formation of muscle, paying attention to your horses internal health is equally important. Just like people, horses have allergies or respiratory problems that may sometimes be triggered by weather or hay. These types of problems can have a large impact on your horses ability to train. As a preventative measure, using ABR can clear mucus and open airways leaving your horse healthy.

Finding safe options which improve the overall health of your horse doesn’t have to be hard. We provide steroid-free supplements that can be used up until, during, and after race day. Each of our products are 100% safe and guaranteed.